Whatever Happened To Frank Snake School By Sherman Alexie Analysis

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College is a new world. College isn't like high school where we can easily cheat in class or copied someone's homework. College is all about working towards being someone in life. College is about discovering more about ourselves and pushes us beyond our boundaries. It about being financially stable and able to take care ourselves and our family. It is about embracing reality. In Sherman Alexie "Whatever Happened to Frank Snake Church", Frank undergoes many challenges in his life and realizes in the end he wants to go to college. In The New York Times video “Dream Catchers: Four Students and the Dreams They Are Chasing," all the students were motivated to go to college and strived to be something better for themselves and their family. …show more content…

After the death of his father, he falls into a state of depression. He quits his job, loss tons of weight, and cleans his entire house, even isolated himself from the world. It was like he gave up on himself. It like “he was suffering a quiet sickness, a sort of emotional tumor that grew or diminished, but prevented him from living a full and messy life” with no one to help ease his pains (Alexie 205). He felt that if he could improve himself in basketball that he could reclaim his father and mother honor. “He given up this game to honor his mother, and now he was reclaiming it to honor his father” (Alexie 204). In reality, Frank never played basketball to reclaim his parent’s honor. He was trying to figure out who he was but he hasn’t realized it yet. A game with Preacher helps Frank realizes he doesn’t know who he is. “Yeah, I knew Frank Snake Church. Frank Snake Church was a friend of basketball, and believe me, you ain’t no Frank Snake Church” (Alexie 223). It causes Frank to begin starved himself to the point of laying in Death bed. “Mr. Death, you are an obese bastard and I’m going to starve you down until I can fit my hands around your throat and choke you” (Alexie 230). After spending a year going to counseling and treatment, Frank decides to go to college. Frank may not notice, but he was motivated by Preacher and the coping of parents’ …show more content…

College is the key to my life. It’s where I can discover more about who I am and my place in this world. College is a place where I can spread my wings and shine. It’s about doing something you have never done before and to break the walls that has shadowed you from reality. I have always known I wanted to go to college, even as a kid. I knew college would lead me to be more knowledgeable about this world and show me opportunities that I never seen before. What motivate me to go to college was my family. My parents’ has never gone to college, so I’m the first in my family to go to college. I want to be someone unique in my family. I want to be financially able to take care myself and my future children. I want to look back at my life and be happy with the choices I made and the person I have

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