Why Go To College Essay

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Why you should go to college I have always believed that college was the key to success.College gives you hope.college opens doors that high school doesn’t ,college gives you a choice.College can change you and shape you.I feel that College is a place for everyone.Here are my reasons why I want to go to college and why you should go to. My first main reason why I want to go to college is because I want to get my dream job, don’t you dream to be something too, like a nurse,doctor,dentist?College will give you the opportunity to choose what you want to do in life and if you have no idea what you want to do that’s fine because you can take courses in different fields and see what you like and what you’re good at.Don’t miss the opportunity to do something you love and don’t just settle for a job.Waking up in the morning hating what you do instead wake up every morning to do what you love.Don’t worry there …show more content…

My second reason why I want to go to college is because I can get a higher income.I feel this is one of the most common reasons why a lot of people want to go to college especially their first reason.We all have bills to pay and food to buy so.People say money doesn’t make the world go round but in my perspective or maybe just in my life money does.Being a college graduate can give you a higher income something that a high school education or a full time job can’t get you.My dad always told me that if you just have a high school education or less you you have to do alot of work for a low income, but if you are a college education or higheryou have to do very little and get a higher income.Acording to the bereau of labor statics,a person with a college degree can earn as much as one million than a person with just a high school education.You might think that college is expensive but the outcome is better,dont worry about how much your college cost,books get finicail aid help get a job do whatever you can to get a college

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