White Settlers Research Paper

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Power relations could be anything that sets two things apart, whether that is the ability to accomplish something or act in a specific manner. This is what gives a certain group of individuals the power to interact or control other groups. This concept can be visualized by the relationship pertaining to that of White Settlers and Native Americans during the late 1700s and through to the late 1800s. Cultural influence in regards to the white settlers can bring many gains and opportunities stemming from the political rivalries, the interaction between beliefs, and how individuals viewed one another in general. The culture of the Natives was ultimately altered due to the arrival of these pioneers because of the gradual integration of white values and practices into their society. …show more content…

The colonists lived in a sense of fear that was defined by the idea that the Natives would attack and harm their families or commit crimes like rape. Hostility began to grow from these concerns resulting in attacking the Natives to keep them at bay and act as warning signals to stay away from their communities. However, the Natives actions were more defined by curiosity more so then provoking violence. But, in retaliation, the Natives would strike back as, not only did these settlers take their land but the acts of violence looked to be provocative. This ended in a realization that these Natives would either have to fight for the land they once had or lose it to the colonists that were already beginning to divide the land accordingly to the laws they had placed upon them. The colonists had no thought for the Natives who lived on the land, pushing aside their established residency and sharing it amongst themselves, ultimately placing the Natives at a state of second

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