Who Is James Earl Ray Guilty For The Assassination Of Dr King

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James Earl Ray plead guilty of assassinating Dr.king, However Ray recanted three days later and wanted a trial. The king family doesn't believe that Ray killed their father they believe the government had something to do with the assassination of their father. Leaders in the black community also don’t believe Ray killed Dr.king. The King Family doesn’t believe that Ray killed their father, they believe Ray was framed and he didn’t even pull the trigger that fatally killed their father. The FBI had an obsession with king during the civil rights movement because he was the leader of the black community and he was causing a lot of uproar and the government didn’t like that. They were watching him very closely and always had surveillance on him witch lead the …show more content…

Ray claims that he had only fled the scene because the authorities were fitting a description of the assaultent and it looked like him. Ray had spoke about the whole assassination and claims there was another man involved in the whole plot but he was never convicted. Ray explained that a man named Raoul sent him to a gun shop in Alabama to buy a weapon which that weapon was the one that killed Dr.king. And then they checked in to a flophouse that was across the place were Dr.king was going to give his speech. While Dr.king was speaking the shot was fired from across. The king family really wants to know the truth if the government really was involved and if Ray is really innocent and he is telling the truth about the whole thing. The king family does believe that Ray is telling the truth and want to know if the federal government or any other organizations at the time had anything to do with the murder. The king family wants justice for Ray because he deserves a trial but was never given one even though it is his right to have one with that being said Ray has tried to get a trial 7 times

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