Who Is Poseidon: Fact Or Fiction?

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It was 75,000 years ago the day when their battle shook the Earth.
It all started when Poseidon king of the sea was on the beach shore looking over his kingdom. He was working on something that would revolutionize the realm of the gods and men when he saw something odd going on with the tides. He decided to go down to the ocean and check out what was going on. He went down and saw a wounded animal and said as he healed him “I protect all my creatures.” the crab suddenly transformed into a giant Scylla and uttered the words “For Kronos!” Poseidon was all of a sudden thrusted from the water back to land with shock in his eyes thinking “What is happening? How has he returned?” He got up and called his trident back to him and he began to slay the Scylla after he got the Scylla to the …show more content…

Kronos promised us acceptance it was a hard deal to turn down. I’m sorry please just spare me.” “WHERE IS HE KNOW!” he said as his voiced boomed all throughout the ocean. “The Bermuda Triangle! Please let me live!” he said with 1,000 times more fear than 30 seconds ago. “Know this,” he began to utter “if I find you back in my domain it will not end like this. Now LEAVE!” The Scylla transformed to a bird and flew away as fast as he could. Poseidon began to panic knowing that his brothers couldn’t intervene due to the rule that the gods cannot enter others domain. He began to formulate plan to go to the Bermuda Triangle but he all of a sudden realized he cannot travel to the Bermuda Triangle because that was the only place in the ocean that wasn’t in his dominion. He went back up to the shore and decided to take his new invention for a try he called it a Sea-Horse it wasn’t finished yet but he had to do it for the sake of the earth. So he jumped on and began to ride until he reached the castle. He looked up and thought “What has he done?” He called out from the outside “Come out father and face your inevitable

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