Who Is Ralph An Effective Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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Impeccable Leadership In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, forty startled boys are stranded on an island together with no adults and no leadership. Their story starts at the beginning of World War III, when many attacks started to occur which caused them to flee their home country. The group of boys had to immediately board a plane which was bombarded and as a result they ended up somewhere on an island in the Pacific. All the adults on the plane had died and it was just forty young and startled boys left. At first, it was just two, Piggy and Ralph, on the island but then they found a conch, a shell that can make noise when blown into, which they used to call the rest of the group. More and more boys started to show up and when …show more content…

A person who is selfless goes above and beyond to make sure others are safe before himself. A time when Ralph showed selflessness is when the boys went to find the beast: “‘I’m chief. I’ll go. Don’t argue.’ He turned to the others. ‘You. Hide here. Wait for me,’” (Golding 104.) Ralph went before the others on the hunt to find the beast even though he was terrified himself, this signifies that Ralph will jeopardize his safety in order to make sure the other boys are safe. Also, Ralph made sure that the boys were hiding because he didn’t want to leave them out in the open for the beast to find. Next, Ralph showed another example of selflessness when he built the huts: “Ralph withdrew his attention from the shelter and realized Jack with a start...Ralph turned to the shelter and lifted a branch with a whole tiling of leaves” (Golding 50). None of the boys helped build the huts, so Ralph did. He is selfless because the huts are essential for all the boys on the island and he did the hard work to make sure they were built. Selflessness is a quality that makes Ralph an outstanding leader because he will do anything for the well-being of the other

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