Who Is Responsible For Doodle's Death

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Doodle’s Death “The Scarlet Ibis”, is a short story written by James Hurst, which follows two parents not caring enough for their invalid child, leading him to his death. This eminent author allows for the readers to infer, which individual is responsible for Doodle’s death. Many readers choose to believe Brother for Doodle’s death, however, that is truly not the case. Readers choose this innocent person due to the actions he takes during the end of the story but, they do not observe the subtle hints that are added by the author. All the evidence throughout the story blatantly accuses the parents for being responsible for Doodle being deceased. Mama and Daddy both lack responsibility when it comes to raising their children. One example…show more content…
After knowing that Brother had gone against the doctor’s order, the parents do not try to convey to Brother how this would not be the best thing for Doodle’s condition. Furthermore, Brother and Doodle are never required to inform their parents where they head off to and, what Brother and Doodle actually do when unsupervised. The parents are also very oblivious of Doodle’s and Brother’s life as seen by the shock they had when they had observed Doodle walking. This kind of parenting has left a negative impact upon Brother as Mama and Daddy do not make time to explain to him how special Doodle is and, how lucky Brother is to have Doodle even alive. Instead, Brother is brainwashed with pride and forgets Doodle’s true capabilities which eventually overwhelms Doodle. Mama and Daddy should have spoken to Brother to remind him that Doodle is a fragile individual. The incident of Doodle’s death would not have occurred if the parents had taken into account, Doodle feeling feverish, being pale and having several nightmares. They did not choose to take the right actions such as, asking Doodle what is going or not sending Brother and Doodle to Old Woman Swamp even after knowing that the weather might be bad. Overall, Mama and Daddy are the ones to blame for Doodle’s death not the
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