Who Is William Wilberforce A Modern-Day Hero?

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The movie Amazing Grace directed by Michael Apted portrays William Wilberforce as a social justice hero of his time who devotes a large portion of his life fighting to end the slave trade in Great Britain. Social justice heros appear in today’s society as well to help continue the fight for justice. One example of a modern-day hero is Barack Obama, the president of the United States. Barack Obama continues to help people nation wide. Barak was an assiduous man, for example, he helped pass the Affordable Care Act on October 23, 2010. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care provided more Americans with access to affordable health insurance, improving the quality of health care, and reducing health care spending in the United States. …show more content…

For example, he joined the anti-slave-trade activists group in 1787. This group was against the bringing of africans from Africa to the West Indies. He later on teamed up with William Pitt, the prime minister, and abolished the slave trade from Africa to the West Indies. Wilberforce also proves himself to be faithful because although he was outnumbered and it seemed hard William Wilberforce, William Pitt, and the rest of the anti-federalists collaborated together and eventually ended the British slave trade. Last but not least, Wilberforce proves himself to be perseverant because he never gave up. For example, Wilberforce could have easily given up when he had got sick; but instead he continued to fight for what he believed was right. This proves that Wilberforce cares for the slaves that were brought here by the

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