Why College Is Important To Me

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Growing up in a small, farming town has made me the person I am today. 4-H is a way for children to become active in their small communities. It has been a part of my life since I was little. 4-H has taught me many important lessons in life. As the current president and reporter of my club, I have to be organized, responsible and a leader. These three qualities are essential in furthering my education. College has always been something I dreamed of doing. All of my hard work not only in school but also in my community is finally paying off and I can pursue my dream of going to college. College opens up a whole new world full of opportunities. After graduating from high school, I plan on getting my bachelor’s degree in business. After I obtain my bachelor’s degree, I would like to pursue my master’s degree in Business Administration. College is important to me because neither of my parents went to college. They always tell me if they had to do it over again, they would go to college. That has inspired my older sister to go to college. Our parents decided that we should …show more content…

Throughout my time participating in 4-H, I have volunteered with Red Cross and United Way, Ethan’s Rodeo, Sod Busters, Adams County Fair, and JucFest. This summer, I was given the privilege to give back to my community in a huge way. This would not have been possible if it was not for the Red Cross and United Way. They teamed up to create an event called “The Smoke Detector Campaign”. As a group, we hung up door hangers to help the community become aware of this great opportunity. Then, a week later we put up the smoke detectors for the people who wanted them. Personally, I created fire safety plans for the families and helped them fill out the paperwork. This volunteer activity is when I finally understood how important it is to be active in your community. It definitely opened up my eyes and showed me how much I enjoy helping my

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