Why College Is Worth It Essay

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Samanta Diaz T. Dunlap Pd.2 30 Nov. 2015 Why College is Worth it Many people say that college is too expensive or it is not worth it, but is that really true? You can do a lot without a college degree, but it does help you build experience and for some jobs a college degree is required. One of the biggest reasons college degrees is worth it is due to the amount of jobs offered to people without a college degree is greatly decreasing. Everyday there are less and less jobs for high school graduates without college degrees. Another significant reason to why college is worth it is that your brain continues to develop in your twenties and college could aid in developing your brain in a more efficient way. Another big factor to why college is worth it is that now most college degrees pay for themselves. Recent college graduates make $17,500 more a year than young workers with only a high school education. This is more than enough to pay for the average $33,000 on debt the average graduate incurs taking out student loans. (Senseman, 2015) Many Jobs now require college degrees. Many high school graduates think that there are many jobs that don 't require a college degree. That is true, but every day there are less and less jobs for people with no college degree. There are many jobs that people think don 't require college degrees, but …show more content…

Some people who say college is too expensive are right to an extent because many degrees are worth paying for college because you can acquire a high paying job and this is without even considering scholarships. Some college students are able to get scholarships greatly reducing the amount they have to pay for. For example the two degrees that are very much worth it are computer science and marketing. The average person working in computer science has a salary of 88,000 to 81,000. Lastly the average person working in marketing works earns about 60,000 to 114,000 annually. (Johnson, 21 May

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