Why Did The Us Enter The Spanish American War

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The Cuban and Puerto Rico became connected with United States through the Spanish-American War after the April of 1898 signing of the “Treaty of Paris”. Which gave the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, The Marianas, Samoa, Panama, the Philippine Islands and Cuba. This is how Cuba and Puerto Rico became connected to the United States. The reason as to why the United States entered the war with Spain varies. Some thought the U.S was just responding to cries to help on the part of the oppressed people. Others said the U.S needed Puerto Rico and Cuba for military strategic reasons and provoked the war when these countries were about to become independent. Also another reason was The United States did not want Cuba to become independent of the reason that was; belief that with large numbers of Afro-Cuban the country would experience political instability, social conflict and economic chaos.…show more content…
For the reason that the U.S government had earlier supported Spain in their war against the Cuban people. The United States also benefited largely from the Spanish-American War which the U.S referred to as “splendid little War”. The “Treaty of Paris” gave the United States more territory which allowed them to expand both economically and graphically. The war was a turning point for the; for it rebirthed the U.S as a twentieth-century world power. They also establish predominance in the Caribbean region, which allowed them to trade with other countries around the world in a profligate period. As well as protect its self at a larger number of positions around the
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