Why Did The Vietnam War Start

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The Vietnam was a long and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam to South Vietnam and its principal ally was the United States and the Soviet Union. Ho Chi Minh’s communist forces took power in the North and that was one reason why the Vietnam War had started, because of this it was a result of U.S’s strategy of containment during the Cold War, which aimed to prevent the spread of communism. America believed that communism was expanding all over the South- East Asia. To support the Communist cause, the Soviet Union armed it’s fellow Communist state China who would, in turn, arm and equip the North Vietnamese who fought America. During the War the country was overrun by the Japanese, when the Japanese retreated …show more content…

Blacks were drafted in 1964 by War Department Directive, blacks were rewarded $7 a month compared to white soldiers which got $13 a month. Throughout the war black soldiers charged that they were disproportionately assigned menial duties, were denied promotion to the rank they deserved and unfairly targeted for punishment. The Vietnam War saw the highest proportion of blacks to ever serve in a American War. There were people who went to Canada or elsewhere to avoid the draft. Military were running out of bodies for the War, so they started taking convicted felons, the draft was the last option you either went or you were arrested. The U.S had accomplished nothing out of this War, all USA did was kill innocent civilians for a conflict that had nothing to do with them. The Vietnamese involves a conflict that spanned almost 100 years, Vietnamese attempted to expel foreigners from their country and rule it themselves. Vietnam was occupied by foreigners including French, Chinese, Japanese and Americans and the Vietnamese was going to try to be able to control their own. Defining a loss in Vietnam becomes difficult, the intent of the U.S government was to establish an independent government in the South Vietnam that was victory for the U.S but never unfortunately

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