Why Do People Acquire Bias?

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The current age of technology has brought us to the Information Age, where nearly any information of a topic is readily avaliable within the people’s pockets. This information is also made by the people, as any person can create blogs or articles about topics he or she wants to talk about. However, since information is so readily avaliable, people will generally trend to an outlet that has information or opinions that normally agree with his or her own. Liberals will read liberal articles, conservatives will watch conservative shows, people for guns won’t listen to what a anti-gun speech. People will create a bias that will build off of itself as they will only consume information from people that share that same bias. This creates people …show more content…

Only holding on to a few points that can be explained while ignoring some rational ones. Sometimes the point will be simplified to a propaganda statement that supporters will rally to as a way to shun any who are against it. Sometimes the articles will only consist of bashing or insulting the other side while reinforcing their own. Where the creators will focus on some controversial points and make them the headlines, content, and exposition that only displays the extreme parts of the topic. This neglects some key components of the topic even if they were on the side of the creator. People should be encouraged to look beyond their bias’s and find out what the opposing points are and how people that support those points summarize them. As well as people should also not shun people who have different viewpoints but should attempt to discuss them in a civilized manner to build a better understanding of the issue at hand. What would be the worst thing that could happen to learning the other side’s veiwpoints? It could lead to reinforcing a person’s own beliefs or changing them once learning new information that his or her old source might have

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