Reasons For Going To College Essay

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What makes people decide whether they want to go to college? Throughout school, teachers, counselors and parents always talk about college and how important it is. Parents even start funds for their kids for college while taking them on college tours and interviews. Showing and giving kids an opportunity to see what going to college will be like. There may be just as many reasons kids may not want to go to college, but with that are also some good reasons to go. Going to college may not be the best choice for everyone, but it can provide many great opportunities for the future. Young adults who attend college could potentially earn more money, have better job opportunities and learn some responsibility while living on campus. Life is not all about having or making a lot of money, but it can make life better. Money is used in our everyday lives and is needed to support us. When students decide on their major, the choice may come from how much money is made in that job industry. The more money made the better opportunity there is to support ourselves. People with a college degree typically make more money than someone with just a high school diploma. Data shows “The gap in annual earnings between young high school graduates and bachelor’s …show more content…

Everyone has been in this scenario, more than once. Many jobs today are requiring a secondary degree for hire, which makes candidates with just a diploma unskilled for the job. One benefit of a college degree is better job security, which in the New College Board Report “Data shows that college graduates are less likely to lose their jobs during an economic turndown”. A college degree gives graduates many options of opportunity both within your field of study and outside of it. A secondary degree on a resume shows employers that you can handle responsibility, also making college graduates more

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