Essay On The Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

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It's understandable that the principal is considering making extracurricular activities mandatory, but there might be a reason that students don't do activities like that. Extracurricular activities seem like it could be a lot to handle for students with a lot on their mind. Having to balance school work, homework, and Family responsibility seems like a close to impossible balancing act. It would most likely put stress on students who are probably striving for good grades in school. A student stressing is one that will most likely have problems concentrating in school. There's also the problem of the amount of staff that needs to be hired for this to be able to take place. There might not be enough staff that those activities need to be successful. They might have something important to do after school like picking up their children from school. This is why some of us may disagree with extracurricular activities being mandatory. Some students may have many important things to do after school. This could include studying for test or quizzes or even practicing for a performance/concert. With curricular activities time for that is reduced and the event seems a lot harder than if you had studied. The …show more content…

They could get stressed out about doing well in the activity they are in. The activity they attend could interfere with school when it comes to students focusing in class. They could also stress out about whether to focus on school or the activity. That Stress could really impact school work a student stressing is one that finds it hard to concentrate in school. Some students may be unable to work under stress. Getting good grades is another thing that could stress them out, maintaining good grades while focusing on extracurricular activities are a hard thing to do. And with standards of learning test coming up, Some students might feel like they're pushed to their limit to meet the requirements to

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