Why Girls Have Ears Piercing Essay

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Have you ever thought about why girls want their ears pierced? Most girls get their ears pierced because it makes them feel pretty, and fit in. It is a common thing for girls to get their ears pierced. When we want to fit in and be like all the other girls we get our ears pierced. Have you ever thought about the effects of those piercings? There can be good and/or bad effects when getting holes put in your ears. You can have allergic reactions, get infections, or even end up with scars. Certain piercings can actually be used for medical reasons, which would have a positive effect. Horror stories can be told by certain people who have their ears pierced. When my mom was little, she wanted to be like all the other girls. One night not long after having her ears pierced, she had gone to bed and when she woke up the next morning she noticed blood. My mom felt …show more content…

These piercings are on the inside of your ear. Cecilia McLemore is a Majorette for the M100 band. Nearly every game she ends up with a terrible headache, to the point where it looks like she 's having a stroke. She never gets to enjoy half-time because she is in so much pain. She got her first daith done and it did not do a lot to help. They went back and got the second one done and she said she head a pop as soon as it went in. That piercing popped something relieving all the pressure that was in her head. She performed the next week, and had the biggest small on her face because she was pain-free. She said to her mom, “I can 't wait to perform and not be hurting.” to this day she has gone right about three weeks straight with no headache at all, and that is a miracle for her. Overall there are many negative effects about piercings, but there are also some positive ones for some people. Girls know these effects but yet we all continue to do it. Know the phrase “beauty is pain?” that why girls continue to have the piercings, to feel pretty and express

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