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As a twelve year old, I was often asked to babysit young children. Starting off caring for young family members quickly escalated to other babies and toddlers, which gave me an astounding sense of responsibility. My father is one of seven children, making my family rather large. I grew up surrounded by seventeen younger cousins, which immediately allowed me to experience how babies and young children act on a daily basis. Exposure to people who can not function fully on their own assisted me and built me into who I am today. Gaining such experiences with people at such a young age gave me substantial qualities of being trustworthy, caring, and responsible, ultimately leading me to pursue a nursing career in my future. About eight months ago, my aunt gave birth to a tiny baby girl named Gianna. They live less than five miles away from me, allowing me to always be available to help out. I was constantly racing to their house in my free time to play with the baby and do what I could to help my aunt and her husband. As soon as they were home from the hospital, I was helping my aunt change diapers, bathe the baby, feed her, and dress her. I even went to their house to watch the baby so my aunt could sleep. When my aunt went back to work, I was frequently asked to babysit, sometimes for entire days at a time. …show more content…

The outstanding nursing program is what initially drew me to attend SIUE. My goal at SIUE is to harness these qualities in order to help people in a time of need. I yearn to care for people who can not fully care for themselves on their own. I hope to be a part in helping patients return to full health and get them back to their everyday lives once again. Attending SIUE and taking part in the nursing program would allow me to graduate college with incomparable credentials and provide me with a number of available jobs to pursue in the work

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