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For my hero I chose Albert Einstein, the German physicist and scientist who made many essential contributions to the scientific world. Albert Einstein was born in 1979 in Ulm, Germany to a poor family, his family was secular Jewish which would make a big difference in his life in the 1940’s. Albert Einstein is considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century with his theory of relativity and major contributions to the development of atomic energy. Einstein ended up helping everyone around the world, thanks to his theory of relativity almost everyone in the world can have electricity in their homes and workplaces. Albert Einstein also helped in the making of the atomic bomb during WWII which would eventually end the war and save many lives, also destroying entire japanese cities. The reason Einstein is my hero is because he did not lead a life of luxury or lavish but instead a modest life full of wisdom. There are many heroes that are much more brave and mighty but I chose Albert Einstein for his intelligence and wisdom.
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He was a very smart man that brought a lot to the scientific table, but that’s not the reason he 's my hero, The reason he is my chosen hero is because he led his life the way everyone should lead their life,with dignity and responsibility. Einstein once said “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”. What defines success; your achievements or how many material things you have, how many people like you, or how many sights you have seen or things you have done. What defines value; what you will be remembered by, your intelligence and faith, things money can 't buy. When he said this he means you should live not based on what the world thinks of you or what you 've done but instead live your life based on what you think of yourself and what makes you

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