Why Is Baseball Underpaid

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The baseball is coming at you 92 miles per hour for only a paycheck that is not worth what you’re risking? Players like Jose Bautista, Albert Pujols, and Bryce Harper are disappointed because they are not getting paid what they deserve. Baseball players are greatly underpaid because they are some of the most athletic players there are and they get so many trophies and they do not get paid for their awards as if what they achieved didn 't do anything so they shouldn’t try to get those MVP 's and awards because it doesn’t matter because they don 't give them anything. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and has grown over the past decades. More than 73 million fans have attended an MLB game last year and around 1.01 …show more content…

The money from the merchandise being sold at games is hurting the team in salary wise because they have to do revenue sharing and from merchandise they make around 3.9 million in a 3 month period. An average person from experience and research spends around 120$ at a baseball game and around 200-400$ on tickets and where does this money go? The money is used to go to the team and to the players to be paid and to MLB themselves, MLB should take some money to keep their organization going but now it just got out of hand and the teams don 't have enough to pay their players with a contract. As an example if the Seattle Mariners best pitcher Felix Hernandez is being paid around 24 million and the MLB gives them a certain amount they have to pay the other players too. The food and merchandise that is sold at the games aren 't it, they have team stores. Merchandise is being sold all over the place from gas stations to malls. The team obviously has their own team store and they don 't make all of that because the stores need to keep the money so when they buy them the things the teams are making small profits but they all add up. The awards and bonuses they get every year is making them worth more and they get their names out there and they are not getting what they

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