Is College Education Worth It

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Do you think college education isn’t worth it? That maybe you’re spending too much money on college? Well I’m here to tell you that college education is very much worth it, for many reasons. The first reason why it’s important is because you get better and higher level careers including better salary and less unemployment. The second reason why it is important is because you get more opportunities and choices in life and lastly it is important because having a college degree can also mean having better health. The first reason why college education is important is because you get better and higher level careers including better salaries and less unemployments. According to the website “”, “While employees…show more content…
According to the article “Actually, college is very much worth it”, “Education gives you choices. Assuming you don’t pile up mountains of debt that constrain your career option (and that outcome is avoidable) or go to a school where just fogging a mirror is good enough to get a diploma, there are not a lot of downsides to going to college.” Also in the website, “,” it says, “ College can open up opportunities that aren’t always there for those who haven’t engaged in a higher level graduates on the other hand, tend to have skills that qualify them for a broad of range of employment in fields that offer more upward mobility.” It also says, “college helps mold you into a more professional individual...Because college gives you a broad range of skills,many college graduates end up in fields that are not what they studied in school.” This shows that college can give you many opportunities in life, whether it’s career wise or just choices in general. This also shows that while having a college degree, it can lead you to many places, whether it’s what you wanted to study or not, College can provide you with many choices in life to the point where you may never be unemployed or may grow more professional individually where you yourself can open up opportunities for yourself due to the skills that you may…show more content…
Having a college degree can better insure you that you won’t be unemployed in the future unlike a person who doesn’t having a college degree and apart of that, you can grow to be a healthier person with a better health, so having a college degree is very much worth your time and
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