Explain Why Safety Is More Important Than Freedom Essay

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To be free is defined as the condition or right of being able or allowed to do whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited. In today’s society freedom can allow you to a variety of things. To be safe is defined as the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger or risk. In my opinion safety is more important than freedom. Freedom is something that can be offered anywhere. Safety is not offered anywhere and is a privilege. Safety is something that you hope for because anything can happen on any given day. People should be willing to give up their freedom for safety because safety is a privilege. In today’s society, if you live in America, you have some type of freedom. Even though we have laws and rules, we still have freedom to do things. Why do we have laws and rules? The reason we have laws and rules is to protect us and keep us safe from danger. Imagine a world where there are no laws and rules. Imagine living in a world where everyone had the freedom to do …show more content…

I understand that freedom is very important to humans because freedom give us the opportunity to do whatever we choose, but when it comes down to safety or freedom, safety is most important. Many people choose freedom over safety everyday and end up placing themselves in a position to end up in a dangerous situation. Many people have been through serious situations just because they felt like their freedom was more important than their safety, and I bet if they had another chance to think about the situation they would have went back and choose their safety over freedom. Safety is something you wish for not only yourself, but your family, friends, etc. There are many nefarious people in this world that do not care about others. So imagine giving the choice to do whatever they want without any consequences. Many people would be in danger. In life freedom is great, but safety is more

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