Why Is Gun Control A Constitutional Right Issue

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Gun control in the United States is a history of discrimination which is still continuing today. Gun control is a measure to reduce crimes. The crimes are mainly caused by the African-American. The first and foremost gun legislation for restricting the guns is the Pre-Revolution South. The primary aim is making the firearms away from the blacks and also to make a white monopoly on power. Before and after the Revolution many gun control laws came into existence to keep the guns away from the blacks. Gun control is not only a crime issue, but it is a constitutional right issue. According to the second Amendment in the Constitution every citizen has the right to own a bear arms and gun control is a clear violation. The citizens who obey the laws…show more content…
In the USA everyone has right to own anything or right to purchase whatever they want. In the same way people are purchasing the guns for different views. Some of them are purchasing to protect themselves and also they think that they have right to own it. Whereas, the others believe that they earn money by harming or blacking others. The best example is the death of an international student Sai Kiran Goud .On June 15, 2015 this 21 year male, doing his masters at the university in Miami was apparently waylaid by a group of black Americans. On his way to his home black Americans attacked him. The killers asked Goud to handover the money and phone. As he refused to give his iPhone he was killed badly. In this incident the innocence Goud was murdered and his family is having a great shock when they came to know that his only son was murdered at Florida. This happened because of no…show more content…
The America is a place where everyone has a right to own everything.“Since 2013, roughly half of the U.S. population is living in a state that strengthened gun laws in some important way,” says Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. “Be it enacted . . . that no freedman, free Negro or mulatto, not in the military . . . and not licensed so to do by the board of police of his or her county, shall keep or carry firearms of any kind, or any ammunition.” We need to keep the guns away from the African-Americans. New developed factories also manufacturing inexpensive firearms. This clearly states that the poor can also easily afford the firearms. This issue is been worried by some South people as the blacks are able to carry a gun. In 1879 Tennessee legislature implemented a law which is “The Army and Navy Law”. This law elucidates to ban all the guns except the expensive Army Navy models.(Kates) There was another law called “Saturday Night Special”. This is a current law to remove cheap guns from the society. It is a .25 caliber semi-automatic type

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