Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Alyssa Cochran
LA I Adv.
Mr. Patty
26 April 2023
The Issue of Gun Control
Despite the heated debates over gun control, one question remains: how effective are gun regulation laws? Gun control laws have been a long-debated issue, leaving countless Americans questioning their effectiveness. Increasing gun control laws or implementing a complete gun ban is unnecessary and ineffective because it will not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, the dangers of gun-free zones are increasingly prevalent, and such laws would infringe on personal freedom and individual responsibility.
Additional rigorous gun regulations will not prevent criminals from acquiring firearms. Criminals are more likely to turn to black markets and theft to obtain firearms …show more content…

With gun control restrictions, there would be an uprising in gun-free zones. The problem with gun control laws is the overall lack of protection for workplaces, schools, or any public area. Madmen and criminals do not comply with gun-free zones, and it seems they are more likely to target weapon-free regions because of the lack of defense or security. A recent study shows that 97.8% of mass shootings target gun-free zones (The Effects of Gun-Free Zones). It is clear that criminals not only do not follow the gun-free zone rules, but they also do not care about the number of laws they violate while committing heinous acts of …show more content…

The Second Amendment mentions that for the proper security of the country, citizens should have the right to bear arms (Madison). The amendment indicates that any regulations preventing citizens from obtaining firearms could violate the amendment. If the goal is to stop crime, it is questionable how effective the laws would be because criminals do not adhere to legislation. The regulations would punish law-abiding citizens for protecting themselves and their families rather than criminals, who would ignore the law, violating the amendment, adding to the issue. If there is no one to protect schools, homes, or public places, vulnerability to crime becomes an issue. Also, the country does not have the right to prohibit law-abiding citizens from using guns for protection, sport, or hunting. It is an important personal right to bear arms to protect oneself and their country.
Gun control laws have long been a source of contention, with numerous Americans questioning their efficacy. Increased gun control laws have proven unnecessary and ineffective because they will not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, gun-free zones may bring more dangers, and such laws would violate personal freedom and individual responsibility. Overall, gun laws have repeatedly proved to put a burden on law-abiding citizens rather than meeting their purpose of stopping

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