Why Is Joan De Arc Important To The Renaissance?

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The Renaissance was a one of the best times in world history that made a big change in the world. A lot of people only know about few people that lived during the Renaissance for example Michael Angelo, William Shakespeare, and Leonardo de Vinci. Those are the names people recognize and know about the Renaissance because they are taught about at school but there are more people that did extraordinary things during the Renaissance and are not recognized in school. For example Michael Angelo is known for painting the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Leonardo is known for a lot of stuff because his stuff help contribute to modern day art, science, and math. De Vinci is known for his discovery in human anatomy and for his famous art work La Mona Lisa. William Shakespeare is a well-known poet all around the world that lived during the Renaissance. Some of his famous pieces of art are Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and other great poems that are taught in English classes right now as we speak. As well some people did great things and are not recognized because they were not as important as to be taught. This person is only recognized in the Catholic Church as a saint and hero, this person is Joan de Arc. May people think that it was a male but in…show more content…
Her original name is Jeanne d’Arc (history.com) which in English it is translated to Joan of Arc. She was daughter of a farmer that came from the village of Domrémy (history.com). The village is located in the northeastern part of France. Joan de Arc was never taught to read nor write (history.com) which means that she was and an illiterate child. The only thing she was taught was how to be a good Catholic and the teachings of the Catholic Church and all of this was taught by her loving mother with a deep love for Joan de Arc (history.com). Joan de Arc was also born in a time period where France and England where having a conflict this was later known as the hundred year’s war
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