Why Is Prometheus Chosen As The Name For Equality 7-2521

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Why did Ayn Rand chose the ‘’Prometheus’’ as the name for Equality 7-2521? I am writing the differences and similarities about Prometheus and Equality 7-2521. Prometheus is a powerful deity in the Greek world — myths while Equality is the protagonist of our novel called ‘’Anthem.’’ So let’s talk first about Prometheus, he was chained because he stole fire form Zeus (ruler of gods)– this made Zeus mad that he punished him by putting him in chains on a rock; every day a vulture would visit him and eat his liver. Second thing about Prometheus is — he betrayed his people (Titans) by helping Zeus during the war ( Olympians VS. Titans). In the first few sentences, I wrote the Prometheus stole fire form Zeus right? Why? It’s because he loves his creations. He is the designer of men; he made men …show more content…

First one, he stole candles, manuscripts, and etc. Why did he stole all those things? It’s because he wants to learn, and he needs light in his tunnel. Let’s move on to the second one —he was lashed and was put in prison. Why did the Council put him in prison? Let me tell you what happened ‘’that night.’’ Equality was in his tunnel and doing something that he lose track of time. When he went back to the Home of Street Sweepers, the Council said, ‘’Where have you been?’’ Equality 7-2521 doesn’t want to answer the question because the tunnel was too special for him. So, that’s what happened. Third thing, he’s proud of his creation (glass box with electricity). Who doesn’t love their creation? I have not heard of someone who you puts time and effort for his creation and does not love it. Fourth, he rebelled against his society because he doesn’t want its ways regarding to laws, humanity, civilization, and etc. Me too, I don’t like the society he lived in. Fifth one, he is the designer of men (himself) —he expresses himself by being alone, writing, making his own discoveries, and etc. You know, all the things that he did was against the

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