Why Is Roosevelt Unhappy

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Roosevelt states that he is unhappy about the situation but he feels that it is necessary to report. As disappointed or unhappy as he is, he still reports the news to the people showing that there was nothing to hide, and fighting will occur. As it is, hiding that our safety is threatened, to the people will do nothing but cause conflict. Those who say that we should only focus on America, have to realize what Roosevelt is saying. Roosevelt is stating that our safety is threatened far beyond our borders. Sure, we might not be getting attacked at the moment, but if we let the totalitarian governments continue, surely the United States would be there next attack. We cannot just wait, and then solve our problems the day we get attacked. Instead, …show more content…

Clearly, the problems will not be invincible forever, but putting an effort into stopping them for the time being will be worth it. “Every realist knows that the democratic way of life is at this moment being directly assailed in every part of the world…. The assailants are still on march, threatening other nations, great and small.” (Roosevelt). Roosevelt points out how not only are they targeting the United States, but other countries as well. If we were to fight in World War II, we would be helping out nations. Helping those who are being targeted and those who have their safety being questioned. Many can argue that going into World II against Europe would simply be laying out our graves as the European Army will easily kill all U.S. members, but without putting up an attempt to fight for our freedom, we will not succeed in having a free and united nation in the future. We’d rather not have our independence taken away from us by totalitarian governments, and be dominated by them. Instead a fight should be put up to show that we will do our best to achieve liberty, which is why the United States should have fought in World War

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