Why Is The Kansas Nebraska Act Important To American History

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Have you ever wondered how we founded Kansas and Nebraska into America? Well it wasn’t as easy as just finding it and claiming it, it took a lot of controversy over slavery. The Nebraska Act was the one who really started a major argument over slavery and whether or not it should be in those states. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was important, it was significant to American History, and it led to the Civil War. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was significant to American history because it caused another party to form, and it led to the Civil War because it had split up the Union. The Kansas- Nebraska Act was an important event to many Americans. The Kansas-Nebraska Act all started with Stephen A. Douglas he thought that the Missouri Compromise was an inconvenient act set upon. So he was promoting a train expansion through the northern plains in the western territory. Stephen A. Douglas wanted to have an eastern terminus in Chicago, Illinois; where he owned real estate. In order for his proposal to move forward he felt as though that in which the territory the railroads would pass through Kansas and Nebraska territories but, it …show more content…

The Kansas-Nebraska Act would violate the Missouri Compromise, which had been keeping the union from falling apart for 34 years. Almost all of the Southern Whigs voted for the bill and all of the Northern Whigs opposed it. This caused there to be conflict and no agreement could be found, thus causing the Southern Whigs to be known as Democrats and the Northern Whigs to stay Whigs. It had split up the Whigs and Democrats to form a new party; the Republicans. They were anti-slavery. This event happened because the bill had passed causing the Northerners to be outraged pushing them closer to the Civil War. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was the first major experience of conflict about slavery that the United States had

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