Why Isaac Newton Left The Alchemist

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Sir Isaac Newton, the most impressive scientist to date, would be an honor to meet. Giving the fact that he has paved the way for the use of the scientific method and revolutionized the way one can rationalize the application of mathematics to our day to day lives. It all goes to show that a man who was able to spend hours and investment can impact so many fields, such as, mathematics, physics, and astronomy. Though, meeting him would be difficult since he lacked social skills that were costly and contributed to the way he worked which was mostly in isolation. Nonetheless, a meeting with him will involve long hours of observation to understand the way something functioned the way it did and in isolation with very little conversation or questions being shared. Mostly, I am interested in meeting him because of the way he observed and studied the laws he produced and how someone who was brought up to work on a farm and not become the most influential scientist known today. Moreover, he interests me because he had to work to continue his studies and get into college. If he hadn’t left the farm then the scientific wouldn’t have happened with him as the main contributor.…show more content…
Though, the Royal Society wasn’t supportive of the practice or publishing Newton’s journals on alchemy after his death, it gave insight that he pursued it because there was a purpose for it. Newton wasn’t the type of person who would waste his time on activities or hobbies that weren’t going to lead him somewhere. It is why, the interest to alchemy is important to ask since there isn’t much information of that practice. Especially after all of his contribution he did for science he made a name for himself where people rarely questioned his
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