Why Should Black People Be Able To Vote

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As I was walking toward the booth to take my literacy test. I could feel the sweat building up on my forehead as I take each step forward. I knew most people failed this test, which made me even more nervous as I wiped the sweat of my face. My shirt was already drenched as I picked up my pencil to start the test. If I pass this test, I will be able to vote in every election. That is something only around 20% of blacks can do. If some day, every black man and women were able to vote, then that would mean that we would have more power in the world, maybe even policial power! Literacy tests and poll taxes helped forward the civil rights of people by making blacks stand up for themselves and whites realizing how they were being treated unfairly.

Literacy Tests and Poll taxes were rules that people needed to follow in order to register to vote. Literacy Tests were tests that people needed to take, but they were very hard and had multiple answers. When black people who wanted to vote, took the test, there were multiple answers, so the people who corrected these tests usually always marked them wrong. That is why before the 1965 Voting …show more content…

Now, everyone is allowed to vote and many people still don’t. Back when there was no Voting Rights Act, so before 1965, white people were trying to stop blacks from voting, thinking that they were not smart enough, or too poor to vote. Now, seeing that only 59.7% of people vote, counting blacks, that shows that if black people still were not able to vote, that number would be even lower(4). In Turkey, 84% of people made it out of there house and to the voting polls. (4) In Belgium, 87% of people were able to get up and vote.(4) So then why were we holding back our people when we already don't have that many people voting? Wouldn't we want people

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