Are Eugenics Good Or Bad

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Eugenics is Evil

Eugenics was originated in the late nineteenth century. At first, eugenics was designed to prevent the biological degradation and to eliminate the competition for survival. However, after it was widely spread to the Western countries, it was then disused by some scientist to create a better individual. Afterwards, the Nazi Germany aggressively promoted the application of eugenic which forced around 13 millions of people undergone the surgery of sterilization. It was finally evolved into the massacre of illness and disables.This event shocked the whole world. Nowadays, eugenics still a controversial topic around the world. In my opinion, I disagree that eugenics should be used to improve the human genetic traits of a society. …show more content…

Firstly, eugenics violates humanity and kills human diversity. Eugenics allow the engineering of the genetic material of a fetus to prevent negative heredity thus the health condition of the child can be improved. Yet, some scientists use eugenics as a tool try to change the genetic makeup, for instance, the skin color, IQ, blood type etc. in order to create a better person and fulfill the need of the society. Once the fetus was checked illness or disable, it was then immediately killed. It violates the humanity and also can be seen as a discrimination of humankind. With the times pass by, there will be more and more intelligent people but the diversity of human will be deceased. Human diversity was created by the mutation of a gene, with this, everyone so to become unique and irreplaceable. Furthermore, human diversity plays a vital role in human for adapting and survival to an environment If eugenics is applied to the society, people will not be able to handle situation out of the blue. More and more people with the same gene will produce by selective engineering and thus the diversity of humankind keep going down, one day, humankind may become …show more content…

With the technology advances, preimplantation genetic diagnosis is now available for selecting the best gene and pass to the next generation. Consequently, with the born of large amount intelligent people, all the bad behaviors and criminals such as theft and sexual offense, can be prevented. The application of eugenics help to develop a smarter, more gorgeous, all-around person which can absolutely become a successful person and contribute to the society. Eugenic will make everyone in the society maintain a high level of manne and quality as all of them were

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