Why Should Guns Be Banned In The United States

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Due to the unfortunate events that have happened in the past, many people are strongly for the regulations of firearms in the United States. Even though there are occasions where firearms are used by criminals for nothing less than evil, there are still many situations where firearms have been used to stop that same kind of evil. From stopping a criminal from robbing a convenient store to from stopping a sniper from killing more people than he already has, firearms have been used for good and not for evil in more situations than not. Many people in our nation believe that we should follow the example of some European nations and outright ban the sell and ownership of firearms. This is because in 1997, the U.K. outlawed the ownership of firearms for those without special permits for shotguns or hunting rifles. The incident that led to this took place in the Scottish town of Dunblane on March 13, 1996, when a 43 year old former scout leader named Thomas Hamilton walked into a …show more content…

If you compare the United States’ crime rate to the United Kingdom 's crime rate, it is infact higher statistically. However many countries measure their murder rates differently like the United States and United Kingdom, the United States includes both murder and manslaughter in their murder rate while the United Kingdom only includes murders. Also the United States has almost almost five times the population that the United Kingdom has making it more likely for the United States to have a higher murder rate. This makes the United States seem to have a much higher murder rate than other countries, falsely reinforcing pro-gun control arguments because infact the United Kingdom has a higher murder rate (“Murder and

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