Why Soldiers Shouldn T Work

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Soldiers go through brutal torture physically and mentally. Not only are they risking death but some even die for us to have our freedom. It’s not an easy job to be a soldier especially if you have a family at home.
During World War II our soldiers went in to battle and most of them were drafted. Somehow America needed a backup to replace our soldiers so we thought why not let women work. As our fighting soldiers went to battle there were some complications they had to face. One thing soldiers had to face was their mental health. They were taught to suppress all the emotions they had during war. As everybody know that is not healthy at all which can lead to problems. People may argue that soldiers know the consequences of battling which in cases like this some have a love/hate relationship while others have no choice but fight. “Combat stirs up a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. Feelings of exhilaration, love, hatred, guilt rage, helplessness, disgust and fear” (Haunted- America in WWII magazine). For an example, if a loved one happened to die in front of you imagine all the emotions running through …show more content…

You may now think that being emotionally suppressed is horrible but another thing a soldier has to conquer is not being physically healthy. The reason why I say not being is because once you go to war you don’t come back the same the way you left. No matter what. Death and injuries is a part of battle. “World War II has caused Americans soldiers 291,557 deaths and about 670,846 were wounded” (Causalities in World War II). Death is not something a soldier expects. No one wants a missing arm or a leg. Physically tags along with emotionally. They are both horrible and all something all soldiers have to face. As soldier go to battle women come into play. Women were important during World War II as far filling for our soldiers. Me being a young women it does not seem fair to be used for a certain of time. To only be noticed when we are

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