Why The 1950's Was A Time Of Peace, Progress, And Prosperity

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Why the 1950’s was a Time of Peace, Progress, and Prosperity The 1950’s were, in fact, a great time for peace, progress, and prosperity. For the peace aspect, President Eisenhower prepared a truce between America, North Korea, and China, ultimately stopping a bloody and long drawn out battle. Eisenhower, also wanted to lower the sense of crises in the 1950’s along with rhetoric. In late 1953, there was an economic boom due to the previous war, there was a great rise in both buying and selling for Americans. This was a wonderful change for consumers and sellers in the 1950’s after the depression of the 1920’s. People were able to breathe again and were able to put money in the bank without worry of it disappearing. There was great progress in the 1950’s as well, such as, television, the News, viewing advertisements on television, etc. Owning a television back then was a wonderful accomplishment and ultimate luxury, people who had a television flaunted them and people who …show more content…

Now, people didn’t have to wait for the daily paper to look at ads, they wouldn’t have to go any farther than switching the television on and sitting in their living room. There was new music hitting the streets and, although, not everyone appreciated the music it sure made a bang in the 1950’s. A new music era was becoming more and more popular, it was called Rock and Roll. By 1955, Little Richard, was an up and coming Rock and Roller from the south. The progress of music from earlier years to the mid 1950’s was great. Not long after, Little Richard, in 1956, Elvis Presley, made his debut and in 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis. Music attached to those particular names gave people a way to express themselves, the music gave people an idol that “understood” them. Rock and Roll also gave people back in the 1950’s freedom to be who they wanted to

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