Chelation Therapy: The Cause Of Autism

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The cause of autism has always been a mystery, and some people believe that vaccinations are the cause of it. There are many different reasons a person would think that vaccinations cause autism, especially with the conspiracies of how dangerous vaccinations are. Often times people believe that vaccinations cause autism because of vaccination overload. They have come up with the theory that the excessive amount of metals that is injected into the body, is the cause for autism. There is a belief that having too many vaccinations causes there to be too many heavy metals in a person’s body. Which is where the chelation therapy comes into play. However, some scientists have proved that chelation treatment, a treatments that takes excessive…show more content…
Chelation therapy is a process where doctors would take out excessive amounts of heavy metal in the human’s body, this is used in autism because of the belief of heavy metal poisoning, due to vaccination overloads. Dr. Paul Wax, has said that “There doesn't seem to be any scientific justification for using chelation to treat autism” (Brownstein). He believes that there is not enough scientific evidence for a child to use chelation therapy as a way to treat autism. Not only is the treatment expensive, but there are also more disadvantages than advantages for using chelation treatment. “Common side effects include:...respiratory failure...kidney failure...liver failure” (Abassi). These side effects are common, which should make patients question the morals of the therapy, and question the whether or not the those side effects are worth it, even though the treatment can’t cure autism. However, not only has the therapy been a worrying to patients, but it has also caught the eyes of the U.S. Food and Drug Association. “The FDA has issued a new consumer bulletin, “Beware of False or Misleading Claims for Treating Autism”’ (FDA Cracks Down on False Claims about Autism Treatments). If the U.S. Food and Drug Association, has to make warn patients about chelation when treating autism, parents should be careful when deciding to consider chelation therapy. The FDA is a trustworthy organization that everyone…show more content…
There has been a lot of scientific evidence supporting both sides, however the evidence that vaccinations are not the cause of autism outway the rest. Therefore, vaccinations cannot be the cause of autism, because of the the discoveries of chelation therapy does not support the argument that vaccinations contribute to the development of autism. Different people, will believe different things, and they can influence others, however most people will not change their belief until there is a known cause of autism. Autism is an extremely controversial topic, and until there is a known cause, and a known solution, the debates will never
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