Why Was The Nuremberg Trials Important

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The Nuremberg Trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany between 1945 and 1949. The trials were held in Nuremberg because its Palace of Justice was undamaged by the end of the war. It was also used for its large prison area. The cause of these trials was the Holocaust, where many Jewish Germans were killed by the Nazis under the rule of a man named Adolf Hitler. The purpose of these trials were to bring Nazi War criminals to justice. The International Military Tribunal was representing 23 nations and they put the Nazi War criminals on trial. Before the trials even began, Hitler had committed suicide leaving his partner in crime, Goering, to face the charges, but he too had also committed suicide. During these trials, 22 of the Nazi War leaders were charged with waging of war of aggression, the “crimes against humanity”, mass murder of 11 million people. People who were executed were also burned at the concentration camp, Dachau, where many of their victims lives were taken. On the 21st of November, the trials began. To begin the trials, Robert H. Jackson, the U.S. chief of counsel, opened with a speech. In this speech, he stated… …show more content…

The Nuremberg Trials were historically significant because it brought closure to the civilians and brought the Nazi war criminals to

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