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The Wilderness Survival Outpost Rescue (WSOR) paper is to provide a detailed account of how my scoutcraft team ran an extended version of the Wilderness Survival Outpost at Camp Alpine, with Transatlantic Council in Kandersteg, Switzerland. Wilderness Survival Outpost Rescue Activity is not only an activity for the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. This Activity served three more Merit Badges: First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, and Search & Rescue Merit Badges. The activity helps a group of scouts to understand how the Merit Badges are linked together. It also helps them grasp a deeper understanding of the role of each Merit Badges and the rest of the badges as a whole.
To understand this project I will need to explain my whole experience from the beginning. My first experience working at a summer camp was the summer of 2001. I was working as a Camp Clerk for Camp Spencer, a sub camp of Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation, the local scout camp of Baltimore Area Council. It was very interesting and I had a lot of fun doing it. I would not be able to work full time at a Boy Scout Camp again until the summer of 2014.
The shooting sports Director at Camp Henson in the Delmarva Council was also my NRA certified instructor, councilor. I was laid off from work at the …show more content…

We have a family in the scout troop that recently moved back to the states from Europe, the father works for the US. Government, he then approached me asking if I would be willing to run Scoutcraft for Camp Alpine over in Switzerland. Being that the camp was only three weeks long, it worked with my company’s leave policy. First week of camp was the staff development week. The last two weeks were of various scout units at the camp. With this in mind, I would first have to talk to my new company as they only give me three weeks of leave per year. Therefore, the company said yes and in the fall of 2015 I started to plan out my new role as Scoutcraft

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