William Shakespeare Research Paper

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Though Shakespeare has been given credit for writing the best works throughout history, people believe that William Shakespeare did not have a hand in these writings. People who are believed to have written Shakespeare’s works are Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Bacon, and Edward DeVere. A Poor person with lack of schooling should not be able to have knowledge of such language and politics and history whereas a rich and well-educated man could possibly write such work. The amount of plays and work are impossible to have written so on so many topics. Shakespeares’ name has been spelled more than 80 different ways. The linguistic difference and structural writing vary greatly between works. Just because a few of the works have William Shakespeare doesn’t mean he is the true author (History Staff).
Elizabeth I is the least likely candidate, but she was an incredible writer whose power would not allow this to be her career. Queen Elizabeth was born September 7th 1533 in Greenwich England. She claimed the thrown at the age of 25 she ruled for 44 years. She died in 1603. While she worked hard at the courts she also took time off to enjoy music, dancing, and watching plays. Queen Elizabeth is a possible candidate for a female writer of Shakespeare she had knowledge of politic, language and other common themes used in Shakespeare (Andrew). …show more content…

Lanier was the first professional poet in England. There is a hidden cluster of words that are found in Laniers’ work such as a Midsummers Dream. And other certain topics are in both Shakespeare work and her own even her autobiography lines up with content in his plays different versions of her name is used throughout Shakespeare’s work her lover paid for much of her productions

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