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When you decide the time has come to replace your old window treatments in your home, you are going to find that the more you look around the more choices there seems to be. While choice is always a good thing, there are times when too many choices can make the decisions more complicated than they need to be. At Danmer not only do we believe that window shutters make the best choice, our Rebuild America Program will pay you to make the right choice. One thing you need to keep in mind is that no matter what your final choice is, you need to make sure that the window treatments you buy are going to fit in with your personal tastes and the d©cor in your home. This is in part because you are going to have to live with your choice and in part because…show more content…
Blinds, even custom ones can be cut to fit square and rectangular windows, but odd shapes such as round, triangular or octagonal windows are a different story. Even companies that make custom blinds will tell you that these windows are not a good fit for their blinds and while they can cut them to fit; you will never be able to fully open their blinds. On the other hand, no matter what size or strange shape of window you happen to have in your home, Danmer can custom manufacture a set of window shutters to fit. In fact you might think that shutters are made with odd shaped windows in mind. This is because each shutter is custom made to fit the size and shape of your window, rather than simply being an out of the box product that is cut to fit or at least almost fit. In order to make it even more attractive to buy a set of custom window shutters for your home, Danmer has created our Rebuild America Program. The program rewards you with a US Savings Bond when you spend over $1,000 on a variety of our best window shutters. Depending on which shutters you buy, you can earn up to a $250 US Savings

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