Witch Hunts Justified In The Crucible

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Witch hunts, most don’t give much thought on the subject that is surrounded by controversy. The word itself it brings bad omens, known more specifically as the witch hunts they attempt to find and punish people who hold opinions that are thought to be unacceptable or dangerous to society. In Arthur Miller 's, The Crucible, he informed America about the misinformation of the witch hunt trials. His intent was to guide us through events that occurred in the Puritan times during the 1600s witch trials that had taken place in Salem, Massachusetts. In the play he wrote about the lives of a church minster by the name of Reverend Samuels, his niece Abigail, and daughter Elizabeth who were acting differently. With no medical or logical explanation of their actions doctors concluded it was the girls being bewitched. This was the beginning of the witch hunts trails and the unjustifiable acts of the towns people. In perspective witch hunts aren’t justified and they were …show more content…

Yet, still today many will continue to judge based upon looks or religion or hate just too easily convict others of crimes they didn’t commit. In the years from 1600s until now millions of people are affected by the act of profiling. From the witch hunt trials to the events after 9/11 and furthermore. It is still unjustifiable to target specific groups for achieving justice in society for a person’s specific beliefs. In today times “To argue that racial profiling is harmless, that it only hurts those who break the law, is to totally ignore the psychological and social damage that can result from always being considered one of the “usual suspects.” S. Wortley, Racial Differences in Customs Searches at Pearson International Airport: Results from a Pilot Survey, supra, 2001 as stated profiling causes more effects than just on the outside just as much on the

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