Women Empowerment Case Study

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INTRODUTION “Give me a good mother; I’ll give a good nation.” ~ The Conqueror Napoleon. This bond between women and society is much closer and warmer in the Indian context. “Women are the God’s noblest creation with vast reserves of humanity in them.” ~ Father of Nation Mahathma Gandhi. Such being the eminent position of women in society, their empowerment is vital for a happy and contented humanitarian. This is a case study of one of the best known women Leader, Achiever and Award Winner in Nattarmangalam Village Panchayat(The only Women Panchayat in India Administrated also by a Women) in Kattumannarkoil block of Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, India, analyzing the success factors which make her unique. The framework of the study follows the concept of Administration,entrepreneurships, common characteristics associated with Empowerment of Women , and the success factors such as Providing Personal Support, Encouraging Teamwork, Focusing on Goals, Helping People Work Effectively that make women Leadership unique. The results suggest that family support, dynamic personality and social ties, educational background impact highly positively and more significantly to the success of women leader. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The methodology

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