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Quantitative Research Proposal

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Prof. Devi Prasad Bhavya M K
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A Sociological Study on the Political Freedom of the Women through Democratic Involvement in Gram Panchayat in Thiruvanathapuram district, Kerala.

Development of any society requires participation of people from all sections of the society and the opportunities for utilization of the existing potentialities of people for good governance and development. Right from the days of community development programs, people’s role and their involvement have been stressed. …show more content…

In their efforts to democratize the governing structure and to involve people in the process of governance and decision making, most of the developing countries around the world are carrying out measures to decentralize governance. Thus, decentralized democratic governance is being regarded as “both a right in itself and a means of ensuring basic human rights.
In India through the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act involves the participation of women as voter, women as members of political parties, women as candidates, women as elected members of PRIs taking part in decision-making, planning implementation and …show more content…

The recent Constitutional amendments (73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments) brought about significant changes in the political scenario of the country with regard to women’s participation in politics. However, in India, attempts to secure political representation in higher political arenas have not been successful. Fresh impetus is required with a modern approach. Indian democracy is 60 years old now, yet the participation of women in politics has actually declined since the days of the freedom movement, both in quantity and

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