Analysis Of Sheryl Wudunn's Speech Half The Sky

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Sheryl Wudunn is a banker and Journalist. In her speech “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Woman Worldwide,” she insisted that if females gained opportunities such as educational, financial, and medical advantages in the developing countries, those females could get out of a vicious cycle and enter into a virtuous cycle. On the other hand, she emphasized that if ordinary people joined the humanitarian movement, they would feel happier and save those females. She explained with using several examples that women and girls not the problems in the societies, and they become solutions.
I am trying to summarize two examples from her lecture. First example was that Dai Manju, 13-year-old, lives in the remote village of Central China. She lives with he family, and they have a hut that no electricity, no running
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She was currying water back and forth for her family. The Niantic Community Church Group in Connecticut made a donation to an organization, and they sent two goats to her family in Africa. The goats had twins and started to produce milk, so Beatrice’s family sold the milk for cash. Otherwise, she went to school, and fortunately graduated from Connecticut’s College several years ago. This example also shows that the girl was not a problem, and she became a solution. Wudunn insisted that if women and girls got out of the vicious cycle, and they could enter into a virtuous cycle.
I think that Wudunn should share her good examples of women and girls in the remote areas because their successful lives are evidence of the donation that someone donated. Although some people donate some money, they could not see how their money leads to improve people of the poverty in the remote areas, so I think that Wudunn’s social media activities are important for not only those women and girls in the remote areas but also people in the developed countries to know about
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