Women In Amy March's 'Little Women'

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“Little women” is a didactic novel set during and after the Civil War in a small New England town. The novel tells us of the hardships women during the 1860s had to endure and deal with. It also tells us the importance of being genuine, kind, and in a way convinces us that sacrifices aren’t always a way for us to end up with less than what we bargained for. An omniscient narrator tells us of the Marches; Jo our tomboyish protagonist who aspires to become a great writer, Meg the family beauty, Beth the virtuous music lover, and Amy the family artist, Marmee the girls’ mother, and their loyal servant and friend Hannah, as well as the family’s neighbor Theodore Laurence. The Marches had just lost their fortune, and the sisters struggle to keep their household running. Marmee works hard for the family without complains, she acts as the girls’ role model and as the moral compass by which the girls are guided. Mr. March, the girls’ father, serves as a chaplain in the Union army. Josephine ‘Jo’ March is our story’s…show more content…
Mr. Laurence admires Jo’s personality when she insults a painting of him right to his face. He then meets the rest of the sisters, and Beth becomes especially dear to him and so he gives her his deceased granddaughter’s piano. At school, Amy is caught trading limes over which she gets hit as a punishment. Marmee then withdraws her daughter from school. And when Jo doesn’t agree to take Amy with her to the play, Amy burns Jo’s precious manuscript. As retaliation, Jo almost lets Amy drown. During that same year, the girls begin their Pickwick club, which they named after Charles Dickens novel. The girls would write their family newspaper during the club’s meeting. At the beginning of June, the girls decide to disregard their chores, and at the end of the lazy week even Marmee takes a day off. The girls even spoil a dinner but everyone ends up laughing about it. Later, Jo gets a story published for the first

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