Women In Bama Faustina

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Bama Faustina is the most recognized Dalit fiction writer in Tamil, and a standout amongst the most acclaimed of all Dalit women writers. She was born in Madras in 1958. Her autobiographical novel Karukku which gave her the fame was the first Tamil Dalit text on the Christian Dalit community.. After the success of Karukku, Bama wrote Sangati and Kusumbukkaran.
In India, there is a huge campus of religion situated in the society. There are four major caste divisions in India, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. The lowest caste people came under the Shudra’s. They are regarded as Dalits. These people are suppressed, humiliated, exploited, discriminated and marginalized in every sphere of life. These people are also regarded as untouchables. If the woman belongs to Dalit community, they suffer two types of discrimination: first, of being a woman and second, belonging to the lowest community. Therefore it could be said that they are doubly oppressed.
Woman who complete the human civilization along with man on the other side. Be that as it may, she is given second place all over. They are dealt with as subordinates to men. One can argue saying that in our society everything propitious are named after women, but in reality, she is oppressed, subjugated, abused and ill treated in many ways.
Sangati, one of her significant novels, is a record of Dalit women encounters of the joint oppression of caste and gender faced by them in all. It is also an autobiography of her
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