Women's Reproductive Rights Thesis

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The fight over reproductive rights has been a struggle that women have dealt with for centuries. Women’s reproductive rights include, but are not limited to the rights to unrestricted access to birth control and the right to abortions. The issue with women’s reproductive rights is that they are being threatened to be taken away. Due to abortions being a highly controversial topic, many restrictions have been placed on abortions since they became legal. Since abortions were legalized in 1973, due to the Roe vs. Wade case, there have been hundreds of laws that restrict the access of abortions. In the recent years the pro-life movement has drastically altered the view of abortion in politics. “The number of Texas abortion clinics has dropped by …show more content…

Women who seek abortions should have full access to them without being questioned as much as they are today. They also should not have to be subjected to endure the awful ridicule brought on by the rude protesters outside abortion clinics to preaching hateful slurs. These protesters believe it is their right to slander these women by calling it “freedom of speech”. By criminalizing abortions, women are at risk of losing their lives or suffering damage to their health. Women who end up having a miscarriage become too frightened to get themselves any medical treatment because they are afraid they will be accused of getting an abortion. Then there are women and girls who have been raped who are too afraid of being ridiculed for getting an abortion so they turn to illegal abortions, also known as “back-alley” abortions. In addition, religion plays a big role in the controversy over abortion, which causes more problems with the fight over women’s reproductive rights. Due to how religion is a big part of many people’s lives, it heavily influences their stance on …show more content…

When the restrictions are removed a solution is put in order because the rights, women should already have, are given back to her. The restrictions on abortion infringe on women’s reproductive rights, restrictions that they should not have to be forced to deal with; women should have the right to make their decision without any third party influence. In Texas, in order for a woman to be allowed to have an abortion she must have at least four visits to a licensed physician, in addition to having to go through an ultrasound, then she must have received and shown the image of the ultrasound. These requirements place “undue burden” on women who have made the decision to get an abortion but must go through unnecessary procedures to go through with it. The solution to this issue would be to make abortions more accessible to women. Making abortions more accessible allow a woman to choose if she may or may not want one as well as make it a discrete choice. In Texas a “bill attacking women's access to safe reproductive-health services” was passed by Texas legislators (Hooton & Schvey 1). The law states that women are not allowed to have an abortion after 20 weeks; it also restricts access to medication abortions, which safe terminations during the first trimester. These restrictions “dramatically reduce Texas women's access to safe abortion

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