Unplanned Parenthood

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Unplanned Parenthood
For decades, women’s rights have been compromised at the hands of the government a sector primarily composed of men. Even with the passing of Roe vs. Wade in 1973 declaring a women’s right to privacy of her body a new rival on the issue of abortion has garnered nationwide attention in light of a video released by an anti-abortion organization the Center for Medical Progress. The highly edited video depicting the sale of fetal tissue by a Planned Parenthood facility caused a grand upheaval among politics and the minds of millions of Americans but, in particular, led to the attempted defunding of Planned Parenthood for one year. The following cartoon claims that denying millions of women access to the affordable health services …show more content…

The image promotes the idea that Planned Parenthood should continue to be funded by the government because millions of women, especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds, depend on their services. Comparatively, is it ethically reasonable to take away such services from women of low socio-economic backgrounds because a few Planned Parenthood facilities legally perform abortions? Ignorance clouds the controversy surrounding the false idea that tax payer’s money is being used for abortions by Planned Parenthood facilities when in reality none of that money can be used for abortions under federal …show more content…

In terms of addressing the logical side of the argument, it is unreasonable to defund a primary health care provider that has not broken the law and that millions of women depend on. Each individual is entitled to their own opinions concerning abortion and the donation of fetal tissue; although, subjecting others to their opinions is unfair. Both of those services are legal under federal law and to criminalize them fabricates a culture where women are given no option as to what they can choose to do with their pregnancy. The image also makes use of emotional appeal by expressing the idea that it is immoral to force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy. A woman enduring an unwanted pregnancy can experience postpartum depression following delivery consequently endangering her mental stability. Identically, the quality of life is put at risk for both mother and

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