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Where should the parameters surrounding women’s reproductive rights lie? The dystopian future book Unwind by Neal Shusterman discusses the aftermath of a war fought around a woman’s right to choose. The Heartland War, also commonly known as the Second Civil War, was fought by the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice armies. To end the war and settle the issue, a set of amendments to the Constitution called the Bill of Life was passed, which stated that human life cannot be touched from the time of conception until the age of thirteen. However, under these laws, parents or guardians may “abort” their child, as long as their child’s life doesn’t technically end. Using a process called unwinding, every part of a child can be used in a transplant, which prevents …show more content…

As an illustration, on page 88, the narrator states “With the mob racing in blind terror, the cops can’t get to them. … In a moment they are across the street, and gone with the crowd.” (Shusterman 88) To sum up, Connor needed to trust Risa’s plan of pretending to be clappers to escape. The author includes this fact to emphasize that trust and teamwork is what allowed Connor and Risa to escape. Since Connor and Risa had to work together to escape the authorities, the theme is proven as teamwork and trust in each other were needed to …show more content…

The broader significance of the theme “teamwork and trust are the key to success” is that without trust and teamwork, chaos ensues. When Lev did not trust Connor and Risa, they were almost captured and sent to be unwound. In everyday life, when trust and teamwork are essential in many different environments. For example, on a sports team, teammates must trust each other’s skills and work together to win a game. In a business environment, a team of co-workers must trust that everyone will do their part and work together to create the best idea and proposal. All in all, the forefront theme of Unwind is “teamwork and trust are the key to success” and it can be applied to everyday

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