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When you think of searching for something your mind would automatically go to looking for an object. But that’s not always true, for example searching for love, accomplishments, and new ideas could also be a search. In the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, Marcus has some of these internal searches. So far in the book Marcus has successfully made it through BUD/s training and is now on a mission in the mountains of Afghanistan where they get in a conflict with an army. In this paper I am going to be explaining why I think that Marcus’s search for courage, trust, and survival are the most important to this book. In the book Marcus really has to dig deep to find his inner courage. Ever since joining the SEALs he has had the feeling of invincibility. Once they started the firefight in the mountains he quickly learned how fast things are able to go bad. Both his buddies and him are being injured and some killed up in the mountains. Can you imagine losing one of your best friends in your arms and having to find the courage to keep fighting? This would take more than the average person and lucky for …show more content…

Trust is like a rope (Simile) it can snap on you at anytime unless you take care of it. Trust can mean believing in someone or relying on someone. Marcus has to trust his three friends with his life. Everyday those men are assigned to keep one another alive to be brought home safe for there families. This type of trust is something that would be hard to find when you are being shot at by an army of people and there are only four of you. Most people would just run and hide leaving there friends behind. But Marcus finds that his friends will follow him to death as long as they were there protecting each other. This quote is saying that his buddies were always there until the end just to attempt to protect Marcus from this army. These men are ones that I definitely could lay my trust with, as Marcus did in this

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