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The Survivors is a mystery novel that covers topics like regret and grief. The Survivors by Jane Harper is a book taking place in a small town in Tasmania, Australia. The main character is Kieran and the story revolves around his return to his hometown after being away for a long time. Upon his return, a body is found, stirring up past events and many questions involved with them. This reemerging of events leads to Kieran’s guilt and regret from the past resurfacing and having him face the problem again. The Survivors by Jane Harper gains importance because it discusses regret, how to move on, and small-town life. The first way that the book gains importance is in Kieran’s past and his feelings towards the event. In the past, there was a tragic storm that damaged many homes and hurt multiple people. The reason that Kieran has regret from the storm is that during it he got caught in the ocean and his friend signaled for help. Since his brother owned a boat he went to save Kieran. This mistake led to his brother’s ship flipping and killing both people on board. As this was happening many …show more content…

At first, Kieran hated himself and the decisions he had made that day. He even goes so far as to say ”Finn was still dead, and it was still Kieran’s fault” (138). The pain from the event became too much for Keiran so he decided to move off the island. He talks about how this helped him slowly move on but never fully got rid of the pain. While in Sydney he meets Mia who ends up becoming his partner and they have a kid. According to Kieran his soon-to-be wife and child are what allowed him to move on. This is shown when he says “I was lucky. I found something that mattered to me more” (334). This means that he will remember what happened but it won't let the events define him as a person. So the way that Kieran was able to get over the grief of his brother’s death was because of the relationships he

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