Women's Role In Aztec Society

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In most of the societies and religions we have talked about, we learn about the role women played in them. Some give more independence to women than others and others give them no role. I found it interesting in the Christian faith that during the Middle Ages, the Virgin Mary was the most popular saint but in most Christian sects women aren’t allowed to be priests, bishops, or deacons. In Islam, Arab women enjoyed rights not accorded to women in other lands, they could legally inherit property, divorce husbands, and engage in business ventures. They were portrayed as human beings equal to men in front of Allah. Also, an example was shown by Muhammad, who was kind to his wives. Although, the Quran mostly reinforced that males were more dominant. The role of women was different in other religions we discussed. Daoism taught that women were supposed to have humility, obedience, and devotion to their husbands as well as the virtues that were appropriate for what women were supposed to be. In …show more content…

In the Aztec society women played almost no public role. In Mexica, the primary role of women was to bear children, especially if the children could become future soldiers. Mexica women who died in childbirth were honored the same as warriors who died honorably in battle. In India the two great Indian epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, portrayed women as weak-willed and emotional and expected wives to devote themselves to their husbands. This played a big role in what the women’s role was in Indian society. In Greek society women’s roles were limited, but the polis of Sparta gave the most freedom. The role of women varied in societies and religions, but I think it’s pretty easy to see that no matter what society they were in, even if they were given a little bit, it was nothing compared to men and I am proud of how far societies have come

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